Why 940?  There are 940 weeks from the day your child is born until the day they turn 18. We believe in taking full advantage of all 940 weeks to train children how to be Godly adults. 

Families with children ages from birth through fifth grade are given a safe and secure place where each child is greeted, welcomed, and signed-in, and provided the opportunity to learn who God is and what He has done through “kid-crafted” experiences that make the stories of the Bible come alive. Children also receive materials and instruction that will extend worship and spiritual training to sharing time with parents at home.


Intimacy with God

We have 2 levels of Children’s worship services here at GCC:

  • Kid’s Own Worship is a fun and exciting service for kids 1st through 5th grade.
  • Wee Worship is specially designed for preschool and kindergarten ages.
Passionate and energetic children’s workers lead our kids in fun encounters with Jesus through worship with video and music, Bible stories, and awesome activities! Children’s worship is every Sunday morning at 10:00. 

Community with Insiders

Sunday School- We have a wonderful group of teachers that would love nothing more than to take your child deep into God’s Word in order that when they come back out they live changed lives for God. Sundays, 9:00- 9:45am.
Check out the Glenview Children’s 940 page on Facebook.