BRING ONE Initiative

Go ON MISSION by participating in our 2021 Bring One Initiative!

We are asking every member and regular attender to help us get more serious about reaching people who are far from God this year. The Bring One Initiative is a challenge for every family unit in our church to find a way to get another family unit plugged in at GCC this year. Now it is important to note that our emphasis here is on those who are unchurched (people who have never meaningfully been involved with church before) or de-churched (people who may have been involved with church in the past but are not currently). Start by inviting them to Sunday services or a special event, but the end goal is to try to get them regularly involved here at GCC. On the surface this may not seem like it is that big of deal, but it truly is! Think about it, if every family unit in our church can get one additional family unit engaged in our church this year then we have essentially doubled in size!!! Now we know not everyone we try to reach will end up becoming engaged in our church, but that is okay. We are called to do our part by connecting, serving, sharing, growing, and praying. What other people ultimately decide for themselves is between them and God. Let’s all do our best to Bring One in 2021!