ON MISSION: Church Edition

On Sunday, March 7th, we unveiled some exciting plans for our church to go ON MISSION in 2021 and beyond.  Please check out this section to learn more about our new Mission and Vision, our proposed plans for renovations, our desire to add staff, and our goals for 2021.

VISION: Phase One

Our Leadership has presented a important VISION: Phase One proposal for some exciting improvements to our church.  We are confident that these updates will help make our church more attractive, contemporary, and noticeable to our community.  Watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn more or click here to view a pdf of a brochure outlining all of our proposed changes.  On Sunday March 21, 2021 we had a congregational vote to affirm moving forward with these important renovations with overwhelming support.  We look forward to completing all of the proposed projects over the next several months.

Completing Our Staff

A big focus of 2021 is completing our church staff.  We are committed to adding multiple staff either full or part-time.  Our areas of biggest need are our Student and Worship ministries.  However, we will always keep an open mind to adding staff that fit within our needs and church budget.  Please join us in prayer as we search for the right person or people to add to the team here at Glenview Christian Church.

2021 Goals

As a church we see 2021 as a year of preparation.  We want to prepare ourselves so that we are in a good position for the future.  This year our goals are to:

  • REFOCUS- We want to take time this year to be reminded of why we are here as a church, core truths that the Bible teaches, and what it truly means for us to follow God.
  • REGATHER- With COVID the church went completely virtual for awhile and now we have a mixture of people worshiping in-person and online each week.  Now is the time for us to push to regather in-person again.  Online services are a great tool to use in emergency situations, but it isn't a substitute for gathering together as the church.
  • RENOVATE- We have exciting plans for improvements we hope to complete this year that will make our campus and building more contemporary and inviting.
  • RE-ENGAGE-  COVID has also altered how we are able to connect with our community.  We want to take concrete steps to re-engage with our community in tangible and safe ways.

ON MISSION: Church Edition Presentation