Spectators and Workers

Posted by Brittany Perkins: March 20, 2017
How do you prepare to gather with your church family? Is your preparation limited to the frenetic collecting of your children, snacks, and diapers? Do you spend your time trying to convince yourself that going is better than sleeping in? Or maybe you don’t even think to prepare, because it’s just another routine that you’ve developed? 


At times, we can prepare as
. We come mainly to watch, not participate. We come with the expectation, spoken or assumed, that everyone else needs to make sure we have a good time. As for Jesus? Hopefully he shows up by his Spirit so I can have a spiritual, emotional experience that carries me through my week. We come as spectators, expecting to be served. 


For some of us, we prepare for our Sunday gathering as
. You might serve in your church as a children’s ministry worker, worship team member, greeter, or teacher. We make a list of all the things we need to do. Preparing to meet with our church becomes an assessment of what we need to do rather than an excitement for how God might meet us.  So how should we prepare?


Prepare to Receive

Every time we gather as a church, God will speak to us as His word is preached, sung, read, and studied. Hearing from God is a weighty and glorious thing. Prepare by asking God to help you receive His revelation with gratefulness and humility.


Prepare to Respond

When God reveals Himself to us, things happen. Experiencing God leads us to respond. We sing to Him, confess our sins, receive His word preached, take communion, and give our finances, all in grateful response to seeing who God is and what He has done for us in Jesus. Prepare for this Sunday by asking that God would help you rightly respond to Him.


Prepare to Edify Others

Our worship doesn’t stop when the singing ends, or the preacher says, “Amen.” It continues as we greet, encourage, serve, pray for, exhort, and care for one another. This Sunday, prepare for gathering with your church family by asking God how He might use you to edify His church.

So how do you prepare to go to church? This Sunday, come ready to encounter God and respond to Him in glad and grateful worship with your heart and life.