tran·si·tion [tranˈziSH(ə)n] noun

Movement or change from one position, state, stage, subject, etc. to another; change: the change from adolescence to adulthood.   Synonyms: changeover, passing, conversion.

GCC is in a season of transition. Transitions can be scary and awkward, but they are natural and necessary! The complexion of our church will change as God sends us new people and we seek to make fully devote followers of Christ. The structure of our church will change as we develop new strategies and God calls us to new ministries. The leadership of our church will change as God raises up new servants and people reach new milestones. This is not right or wrong and it’s not inherently good or bad, it just is! Healthy things grow and growing things change.

Transitions are inevitable. It is the manner in which they are done that is critical. It can be done smoothly and naturally,…it can be done haphazardly and poorly,…or it can be done cruelly and viciously. We can’t stop transitions from happening, because as they say “Time marches on”; but we can determine how they are done!! And I opt for the first option,…..smoothly and naturally.

The key is to plan ahead and walk by faith. On the one hand, we don’t want to see anyone leave prematurely nor stay beyond their season of interest or effectiveness. We want to strike a balance, allowing for the natural ebb and flow of life, so the transitions can be embraced and celebrated!

In 2010 my mother and I went through this natural transition like all families do. She was moving into her senior years and I was assuming new responsibilities she had previously taken care of. It was inevitable and expected, but it was still awkward and scary for both of us. There were times when she felt rushed and frustrated, and there were times when I felt inadequate and ill-prepared. But it was inevitable and we navigated it with grace and gratitude because we were family and that’s what families do.

The local church is often referred to as a family and for good reason. We are related to one another through the blood of Jesus Christ and we are to care for one another by the power of the Holy Spirit. So in those times when it feels awkward and scary, we need to remember it is natural and necessary. And during those times when we feel rushed and frustrated or inadequate and ill-prepared, we need to remember that we are family and navigate these seasons with grace and respect.

GCC is in a season of transition! Like a relay race, the passing of the baton is critical. One team may have the fastest runners; but if they don’t make pass – they will not reach their goal. The Elders are working on passing the baton of leadership to the next generation and we are committed to do so with grace and gratitude, because we are family and that’s what families do!


Passing the baton, Greg


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