Living Life On Mission

Today is the day and now is the time for you to choose to live your life ON MISSION. We can’t waste our lives any longer, like so many people do, living only for our own interests and happiness. You are no accident. You are no mistake. God has a plan, a purpose, a mission for you. Your mission is the mission of Jesus: to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). Missions are never accomplished on accident or through inactivity. This mission is no different. To seek and save the lost we must act by choosing to CONNECT, SERVE, SHARE, GROW, and PRAY to reach those who are far from God.

We invite you to go ON MISSION with us at Glenview Christian Church. In this booklet you will learn more about the current Ministry Teams at GCC: Glenview Kids & Students, Worship Experience, Groups & Outreach, Prayer and Care, Building & Grounds, and Missions. These Ministry Teams help us keep focused, stay organized, and remain ON MISSION. Everything we do as a church falls into one of these Ministry Teams. We want all members and regular attenders at Glenview to find the Ministry Team or Teams that best fit your interests and skills. Many of you are already living ON MISSION with us and for that we thank you. Keep up the good work because it is making an eternal difference. If God is leading you to get involved in additional ways, we encourage you to follow His lead and pursue those opportunities. If you are not currently ON MISSION with us; now is the time to start. Find the Ministry Team or Teams that interest you and jump in. The truth is that none of us can do everything, but all of us can do something and many of us can even do something more than we are right now.

There are only two things that will truly hinder our ability to be a church ON MISSION: our faith and our resources. We are asking you to chose to have a BIG faith, believing that God wants to do BIG things through GCC, and for you to choose to be a resource in accomplishing the amazing mission God has given to us. Please join me in committing to live ON MISSION.

For the Glory of the King, Pastor David

Want to live ON MISSION at GCC?

God has given each of us spiritual gifts to use to connect, share, serve, grow, and pray to live our life on mission as followers of Christ. As Christians we must serve the lost, connect with the broken, share the word of God, and grow the kingdom of God. Listed below are the Ministry Teams that we invite and encourage you to be a part of as you live your life on mission at GCC! 

  • Glenview Kids & Students

    We are a church that is committed to reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ with ministries that are both fun and spiritually deep for our Kids (birth-5th Grade) and our Students (6th-12th Grade).

    • Nursery
    • Preschool
    • Lower Elementary
    • Preteen
    • Check-In
    • Family Ministry Special Events
    • Glenview Kids Small Groups
    •  VBS (Vacation Bible School)
    •  FX (Family Experiences)
    •  Student Small Group
    • Student Special Events

  • Worship Experience

    There is a lot that goes into making our worship experiences happen each week at GCC. We encourage you to find a way that you can help on the stage or behind the scenes.

    • Band
    • Vocalist
    • Slides
    • Sound
    • Video
    • Greeters
    • Deacon in Charge
    • Parking Lot
    • Communion Servers
    • Communion Prep & Clean Up
    • Baptisms
    • Service Planning
    • Stage
    • Sermons
    • Lighting
    • Social Media/Photography
  • groups & Outreach

    Groups, in whatever specific form they may take, offer an opportunity for people to connect with God and each other, come to be more like Jesus, and to cultivate the lifestyle of a disciple. Our need to reach out to those who are far from God is just as important as our own spiritual growth. In fact, the ultimate goal of a disciple is always to make more disciples. Our outreach is designed to bring the community to our church or to take our church out to the community.

    • Small Groups
    • Classes
    • Ladies Bible Study
    • Men’s Breakfast
    • Young at Heart
    • Outreach Events

  • Prayer & Care

    While much of the mission of the church is rightly focused on those who are not yet part of the church our Prayer & Care Ministry Team is different. These ministries primarily focus on how we can support and encourage one another.

    • Prayer Chain
    • Home Communion
    • Kitchen
    • Funeral Meals
    • Wedding Showers/Gifts
    • Flower Ministry
    • Shepherding
    • New Baby Gifts
  • Building & Grounds

    This ministry focuses on maintaining and improving our building and grounds through routine maintenance and care, but also by preparing our campus for whatever special services, activities, or events we may have.

    •  Maintenance
    • Janitorial
    • Special Service/Event Preparation
    • Supplies

  • Missions

    Our Missions Team helps us to make a difference all around our community, country, and world through personal service and financial support. As a church we designate 13.5% of all of our General Fund offering to be used for mission purposes.

    • Local Missions
    • National Missions
    • International Missions
    • Benevolence
    • Soup Kitchen
    • Crossroads Life Center

ON MISSION Message Recap