Glenview Students

We love students. They're smart. They're funny. They're bold. And they're bursting with potential. We truly believe that middle and high school students can change the world not just in the future, but starting now.  That's why student ministry is such a huge part of what we do at our church. We want to guide our students in developing a personal faith in Christ as they learn to embrace their specific plan in the story God is writing with their lives. We work hard to create environments that engage students in good conversation about God, encouraging them to ask questions, search out answers, and learn to listen to His leading in their lives all while having a great time. We also believe in partnering with parents to help them make the maximum impact in their student's life.  Glenview Students United meets at the church more Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 pm for a night featuring dinner, worship, study, groups, and games.  

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